Sunday, February 13, 2011

Painting, Part One

You might remember from our last post, we were deciding on paint colors.  I had decided on the middle color (Liveable Green).  After living with the colors on the wall for about a week, both of us changed our minds and we decided to go with the medium color (Softened green).  We spent most of the day yesterday painting our foyer and hallway bathroom.  The den and kitchen will hopefully be painted next weekend.  We're both very happy with the color.  Normally I'm the painter, but since this is a big job, Eric helped.  I did the detail work, while he used the roller.  So much faster with two people!

Here are some before and after pics:

Our front hallway:

From the front door, looking into the den:

Front door, looking into dining room:

I think the green color really makes the trim stand out (which by the way, also needs to be painted).

You can see here where we stopped painting.  

The green color seems so much warmer than the yellow.  We're both  very happy with it!